The PowerGoal MasterClass

to Create An Aligned Plan for 2022

Friday 28th January 2022 | Live On Zoom

Power Goals System

Using Sukhi’s SynaGus “Power Goals System,”During this 1 day, Masterclass you’ll create an Aligned Plan to achieve your Goals, Faster, than ever before.

In addition, these Goals for 2022, will align and assist you with your 5, and 10 Year Goals which in turn will enable you to move quicker towards and achieve your Purpose in Life.

It’s a System that enables Change quicker than normal while allowing for Adaptability, in case of need.

This Full 1 Day Masterclass, will be held here in Peterborough, exact venue location TBC, with a Zoom back Up in case of Covid Guideline Changes.

This plan takes a Step by Step approach, to Goal Setting and Planning. While ensuring you are aligned to your longer 3, 5 and 10, Year Goals and Life Purpose Goals.

Places are filling fast, so if you want to join me for this jam packed 1 day event and create a plan to Achieve Successes in half the time it would normally take you and your business in 2022, then you need to click the Sign-Up button below.

During the day I’ll also be sharing my DFT Planning Method. This is the exact method I used to go from zero to 7 figures within 2.5 years, and Thousands of my Mastermind Members use The PowerGoals System To Create The Perfect Aligned SuperCharged Focused Drive & Clarity to start, grow, and scale their business (and personal life).

Here’s a taster of what I'll be covering….

  • Create the unique vision for your Business Purpose, and Mission, Business and Personally)
  • Create your 3-5 year mission so your 2022 is fully aligned with your longer term goals, dreams and aspirations…
  • Leave with clear Plan, even possibly down to Daily or Weekly Tasks

When/Where Is It?

  • On Friday 28th Jan 2022
  • Join On-Line via Zoom from 8:30 am - 5pm

As places are filling fast, if you want to join me and create a Unique Plan to Achieve your Goals in 2022 you need to click the Sign-Up button below.

I look forward to seeing you soon

Warmest Wishes

Sukhi Wahiwala

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