Want To Be Funnier?

Who here always wanted to be a Comedian of any Sort?   Or just FUNNIER!  Well I have the answer just for you!! Lol Click through and attend LivingBig & theLSet.com first event! http://www.thelset.com/stand-up-comedy-for-everyday-life/ It is with Chris Head & …

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How Can I Keep Performing To The Best Of My Ability?

How Do I Keep Performing To The Best Of My ability?

Just had an amazingly powerful phone meeting with Peter Doherty Editor Of the exclusive ‘ INTERNATIONAL LIFE’ Magazine. This is a publication that is delivered ONLY to the TRUE Millionaires and Billionaires of our World.

He was getting ready to travel to Monaco, when we started to Debate – ‘why it is that most UK Business Owners Find it hard to ask for HELP from Mentors and Business Coaches?’ As he has found that most SUCCESSFUL American Business owners take GREAT PRIDE in showing off their Private MENTORS!!

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Facebook Using Your Picture


FYI …. This Friday, Facebook will start using your photos in ads that will appear on the profile page of your contacts. – yes, It’s legal! as it is mentioned in the fine print when you create your account.

TO stop this action please feel free to do the following:

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How do I get my dream business started today?

How Do I Get My Dream Business Started Today?

As a successful Serial Entrepreneur, In my early teens, I came up with my first business idea. It was essentially a Retail Store concept that would sell and install high end premium In-Car Electrical items into distinguished customers cars. The idea would never have taken off if I didn’t know how to raise the seed capital of around £40K to start my venture. Which for a new first time Entrepreneur would clearly be a huge amount of money to raise; and critical to creating a successful and robust business.

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