It keeps surprising me

Dr Dominique Dock

It keeps surprising me how, what we call coincidences, affect my life, our lives? When I met Sukhi Wahiwala for the first time, it was in my medical practice in Mayfair, London. He was about to embark on a climbing expedition to the summit of the Kilimanjaro (5895m) and needed travel advice. We have “connected” and I made a decision then and there that he would be the person I would ask for help when I was ready to go ahead with my personal and professional development.

Sukhi has offered me to test his philosophy as a mentor a few months later; soon I embarked on a journey of self-discovery which continues to amaze me.

Thanks to his attitude of respect for my personality, combined with a high level of care and love, I can say that I am becoming the person I was supposed to be.

I am very grateful for his guidance, his support, and consider him one of my best friends after only working with him for 6 months.!

Pure Genius!


Sukhi Wahiwala’s philosophy of combining business and spirituality has not only created outstanding thought leaders, but people who are able to make profound changes in every area of teir lives, Pure Genius! Sukhi has the ability to unlock a businesses true potential. Only something that a truly experienced entrepreneur is able to do. Within moments of looking at my business Sukhi was able to show me exactly how to increase my profits by 400% over night!! Anyone who is serious about creating a spectacular lifestyle while making a difference in the world needs mentoring from someone who is living proof of that, Sukhi Wahiwala is that person Thank you

Sukhi provided clarity on my business structure


I’m a complementary therapist and I had a mentoring session with Sukhi to see if he could provide guidance on my business. Sukhi provided clarity on my business structure and was able to pinpoint avenues I could expand into, which I would not have considered before our meeting. I came away with new ideas to implement and much more to consider. Sukhi does run a mentoring system and if you really want to take your business to the next level I would advise you to sign up; but what’s really nice and refreshing is that there’s no hard sell. Sukhi will simply inform you of the options and leave you to decide if it’s right for you. He won’t think any less of you if his mentoring packages are currently out of your budget and you won’t feel devalued by not signing up.

Change my way of thinking in just a few hours


Sukhi has managed to change my way of thinking in just a few hours. There was One personal question I had been struggling with for the last 20 years, he got the answer in few seconds without me saying a single thing! Words simply cannot express how much uplift and self believe Sukhi brings into your life! There is nothing else like his humble, straight to the point approach on all aspects of your life being it in business or personal. Lovely soul and a visionary! I had only one session and felt like I knew Sukhi for a while and felt that he truly understands me completely. For all first comers out there like me who were worried about how this introduction session will work out and if it will help you, I say without hesitation make time and see Sukhi at your earliest possible time. Without a doubt he will bring goodness & clarity into your life.

Sukhi’s help has accelerated the rate of growth

Stuart Jones

Sukhi has the rare quality of understanding the practical steps you need to take to make your goals achievable , often people have ideas about what they want to achieve but never actually achieve itas they lack the understanding of what specifically they need to do to make it happen, I have found Sukhi’s help has accelerated the rate of growth in my business and helped me avoid some of the hidden pitfalls I would have fallen into if he had not been guiding me. I would advise anyone to see Sukhi today as his value, experience and skills are unique and unparrelled in my view.



First Time when I talk to Sukhi in my restaurant, I had a Feeling already — He is Not a NORMAL person, he has something special inide his mind.

It was a honor experience got Sukhi invited me to his house and spend such a long time to educate me. This was a Golden time for me.
The business idea in his mind is not only great— IS AWESOME!!! And he is such a generous person, he only saw me once and he is willing to share what he knows and taught me through.

He born to be a businessman, he has such a Clear mind of business ideas, every word he said has just solved my confusion in my business. I just can’t find any word to thanks him. Thank you!

Sukhi was incredibly generous Suhki has given me a clear direction in my business, and boost up my confident. And there is something amazing behind, when I mention my passed away Father, Sukhi Knows him well! This is such a feeling in my mind — The Father God sent Sukhi to help me!

Sukhi, you are a AWESOME business advisor! I wish I can be like Sukhi in one day. Sukhi you are my hero!

Thanks again Professor Sukhi,

Co Founder & Digital Strategist

Jatinder Palaha

Its always refreshing to meet individuals who are themselves and the same around people. Sometimes people put on a act depending on who they are speaking to hence are like different people around diferent people. Sukhi is not like this. He is in essence WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). His consistent, consistency means he's real and shows he is being him self, which shows he's a well grounded individual, nothing is fake with him, therefor he provides real advice, real raw content and real action.

It was like meeting a long lost friend

Linda Stewart

I teach transformational bodywork and am a holistic practitioner. When I first met Sukhi, I was working at establishing my new business alongside a full time job which I wanted to leave. I was in a place of being ready to up-level pretty much every aspect of my life. I felt so compelled to meet and explore working with Sukhi Wahiwala after reading about him, so I contacted him via his website.

From that point onwards, in every interaction I had with him – from his personal email response and our first conversation over the phone – I knew I definitely wanted to work with him. I was therefore delighted when he invited me to meet him at his beautiful home just a few days later for an initial meeting. I started my day asking “what would it take for this meeting to turn out even better and more amazing than we can even imagine?” and it totally did. It’s not every day I get to have a truly life-altering discussion with someone I’ve never met before but when we met to spend a few hours together, I felt a heart-connection.

It was like meeting a long lost friend from thousands of lifetimes ago. It didn’t take me long to realise that Sukhi Wahiwala is following his Divine calling to assist others to be the greatest expression of themselves so that they in turn can be a contribution to others. Not only that, for all the hours that we spent together he was totally present and 1000% committed to providing absolutely everything, and more, that was required for me during that session to make the shifts that I required to up-level

Nothing phased Sukhi and there was no judgement, just wisdom and compassion and warmth in a healing environment. I was able to openly discuss and clear some of my deepest fears in a truly safe space, and experienced several profound shifts during our time together. Sukhi assisted me in finding clarity and simplicity in some very personal challenges that I had been trying to make sense of.

This was a mentoring session that exceeded any expectations that I may have had. It really felt as if everything was in alignment, like being connected to Source. Several specific things I had written on paper the night before in preparation for our meeting and others I had been mulling over during the drive up were brought up and addressed by Sukhi before I even raised them. Our time together was magical.

Like being in the Vortex. I feel a new faith and reconnection with myself. For all his success and mastery of business and commitment to get you the required results, Sukhi is down to earth, accessible, spiritual, open-hearted, sincere, funny, genuinely caring, loving and warm. I am truly blessed to have been gifted this uplifting, expansive time with Sukhi and his beautiful wife and family and excited to see what magic I can create with Sukhi by my side.

Challenge me to think differently

Michael Nicholas

I can hardly believe what a difference spending time with Sukhi has made to the way I’m thinking about myself, my business and the future. Within minutes of meeting me he had told me exactly what has been holding me back and very quickly began to really challenge me to think differently.

I thought I had significant goals for my business, but in just one session he has not only enabled me to realise that I had hardly even started thinking big, but also handed me a model by which I can take my business to a whole new level.Over the last few years I’ve worked with several coaches, but had failed to find anyone to provide me with real insights that went beyond the normal rehashed business growth ideas that have become widespread.

I even had a session with one of the best known names in the UK when it comes to small business development and got nothing from him that I hadn’t already heard from a coach charging 10% of his fee.I’m not saying that these coaches have all been bad, but it is truly great to finally find someone who is able to challenge me to think completely differently and who doesn’t hold back in sharing his ideas.Three days after the session I’m pleased to say that the inspiration that I felt having met Sukhi is still with me.

I feel more energised and excited about moving my business forward and definitely seem to have a new level of creativity as a result of the larger vision that I’m now holding for the future. The fact that all this was delivered by someone who is so authentically open and caring, and who has mastered the advice of Francis Treon to “speak your truth but soothe your words with peace” such that he can dig into core beliefs but still enable you to feel safe, is quite amazing. A man who lives the highest principles and values and just happens to be a bit of a business guru – thank you Sukhi!

Humble, thoughtful, quick thinking, spiritual person

Colin Smith Founder & Director at Dexterity Solutions Limited

Over a period of two weeks, I had one brief introduction, an hour long conversation, and a four hour meeting with Sukhi, and throughout this time his values were clear and remained consistent. I found Sukhi to be a humble, thoughtful, quick thinking, spiritual person with great integrity. His comments, thoughts and observations about me and my business were accurate, timely and relevant, and throughout showing his gratitude for being able to serve a fellow man.