Advanced Rapport & NLP Skills Mastery

LivingBig Coaching Academy

I am really looking forward to THIS weekend, as we are running a beta training seminar that is the Ultimate in unspoken Rapport!!

The group is garanteed to be no more than 15 people, as we believe that this is fundamental to creating a truly deep learning!! That ensures ALL Atendees FULLY understand the skills!

Please email directly by Thursday is you want to take part in this once off chance to be selected to attend this event!

Please click through Now to register!!

See you all there.

Onwards & Upwards!

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Paul Hollway says 8th January 2012

Thanks for the good writeup.
How can we be in contact?

    Sukhi Wahiwala says 8th January 2012

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you sincerely for your encouraging words. I will attempt to keep this blog and private site postings of the highest quality in future.

    May I suggest that you add your email details to my Web newsletter which is send out on an ad hoc manner, in order not to bombard or spam your email account. This is very important to me as I will not allow spammed posts.

    Please click on the tab “HOME” at the top of this web page and fill in details and I will send you a link to an Powerful Book called “Think & Grow Rich” which will assist you in Creating Inner Change in Your Life, as a Thank You!

    Onwards & Upwards!

Johnnie Sivic says 10th January 2012

Hello.This article was extremely motivating, especially because I was investigating for thoughts on this issue last Wednesday.

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