LivingBig Mood Boost – Danger & Anger

When we are in ‘ ANGER, We are just one Letter SHORT of “DANGER. While in ‘ GOOD mood, we are one Letter MORE than ” GOD. Choice is OURS. Onwards & Upwards!

LivingBig Mood Boost – Happy People

LivingBig Mood Boost – Happy People “Most Unhappy people keep themselves Secluded from the world at large, as Happy People are Extremely Social.” Dr Martin Seligman – Pensilvania

LivingBig Mood Boost – Helping Others

LivingBig Mood Boost – helping others “You can have anything in life that you want – if – you’ll just help enough other people get what they want” Zig Ziglar

LivingBig Mood Boost – Early Rise

LivingBig Mood Boost – Early Rise “EARLY to Bed & EARLY to Rise, keeps YOUR Mind FOCUSED & WISE!” Onwards & Upwards! Sukhi Wahiwala

Trade Mark Protection

I have some exciting news to share!! 🙂 Watch this space in early 2012 a new order in Trade Marks, Patents & Licensing…. The site will allow you yo have. Drip feed of info for FREE!! Merry Christmas.. Onwards & …

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I Just Won The Business Coach 2011

Satnaam Vahiguru Ji I Just WON!!!  SUKHI WAHIWALA “Small Business Coach Of The Year 2011!!” Woohooo!! Onwards & Upwards! Thank you for Voting!!