Sukhi nominated on The Turban List

Sukhi  has been recognised and nominated on The Turban List.

The Turban List has been created to celebrate turban wearing Sikhs in the UK with recognition being given to entrepreneurs, public figures, celebrities and members of the general public who have achieved great things. In doing so, we hope to salute those who proudly wear their ‘dastaar’ or turban and to endorse Sikh cultural sovereignty here in the UK.

The culture of a religion is reflected in many ways and we passionately believe the turban represents a striking distinctiveness and a visible and fashionable means of that self-expression. The time has come for the turban to be represented in a more positive fashion, by shining a spotlight on these bearers of the Sikh identity which remains one of Sikhism’s greatest strengths. We aim to educate, inform and create a stronger appreciation for Sikhs in all walks of life and the unique and personal style of the modern day British Sikh.

Garnering a nomination is not simply a reward of being in the public eye; it becomes a platform for national and global exposure, warranting media and press coverage as a turban wearing Sikh in the UK. Among the nominees are entrepreneurs, leaders of business, role models, our peers, as well as those individuals who have excelled in their particular field.

This year marks 160 years since the first Sikh arrived in Britain and a 100 years since thousands of Sikh soldiers fought for Britain in the First World War. With your help, input and support, we aim to showcase ‘The Turban List’ through a publication, a presentation event and a TV documentary.

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